Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Roupas, Panagiotis, Autor
Passia, Giota, Konzultant


Our regeneration scheme promotes a new civic and social space in the form of an urban-multi level-plaza and bequeaths the city of Zagreb a public area for recreation and informal gatherings of more than 18.000 square meters. Our design for Badel block proposes a landmark and an ineresting vision for a contemporary urban environment, informed by a commitment to sustainability and connectivity.
This masterplan for the redevelopment of Badel block prioritizes a new multi-level urban plaza, as an important social and civic space amongst and over the buildings. Pedestrian accesses and pathways are weaved through and around all buildings, proposed and preserved, and serve as the connective tissue that ties the project''s commercial, cultural and civic uses into one cohesive whole.The open space provides civilians, visitors, residents and the broader community with a vital civic amenity and attraction. It is a new social canvas for a host of events, informal gatherings and casual recreation, therefore establishing a landmark for the community. Along with the uses proposed for the preserved buildings, we estimate that Badel block shall become a cultural and educational hub for the broader community, reincorporating its industrial history into the everyday lives of current and future generations in a contemporary context via this ceremonial public urban space.
In the design scheme, we have set our structures to accommodate the commercial development beneath the plaza''s reconfigured ground, while the office and residential components occupie the area over this augmented ground. The cultural programs hosted in the preserved buildings include approximately 3.000 square meters used as an Electronic Media and Performing Arts Center and another 6.000 square meters used as artists'' / art students'' exhibitions, design studios and residencies.

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