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Podrška iz Makedonije

Autor/izvor: DAZ, AAM 25/03/2020

Udruženje arhitekata Makedonije šalje pismo podrške Zagrebu i arhitektima

Pismo prenosimo u izvorniku:

Dear Mr. Tihomil Matkovic,

It is with great distress and sadness that we received the news about the recent Earthquakes that hit Zagreb on the 22nd of March, resulting with many people injured as well as in extensive material damage in the build environment and the infrastructure.

On behalf of AAM and all of its members, I would like to offer you and the families who lost their loved ones my deepest condolences and most sincere sympathy to all of the affected people, wishing a speedy recovery to those injured.  

As friends with long historical ties and appreciating the great support received from your country at the time of the devastating 1963 Earthquake in Skopje, we stand ready and remain committed to support you in faster recovery of the city. In these difficult times, with an ongoing global battle against the corona virus and closed borders all around the region, still, we are aware of the need to join our forces. We would like to offer you our support and professional help, and if somehow possible, to provide assistance in overcoming the effects of this difficult and demanding situation.

I sincerely wish you fast recovery. Our thoughts are with you.


President of AAM

Martin Panovski

Асоцијација на архитекти на Македонија 

Association of architects of Macedonia


Ambulanta Gračani


Projektni natječaj za izradu idejnog arhitektonsko-urbanističkog rješenja zamjenskog objekta Dom zdravlja Zagreb Centar – AMBULANTA GRAČANI


Program rada + članarine za 2020.


Donosimo program rada DAZ-a te zahvaljujemo svim članovima koji plaćanjem članarina podupiru djelovanje DAZ-a kroz programe, sekcije i natječaja. Pozivamo Vas na uplatu članarine za 2020. godinu.


Ambulanta Špansko


Projektni natječaj za izradu idejnog arhitektonsko-urbanističkog rješenja za NOVI OBJEKT DOMA ZDRAVLJA ZAGREB ZAPAD – AMBULANTA ŠPANSKO.

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