The result of the City Acupuncture workshop "Gallery" held within international project "In public in particular"

Autor/izvor: DAZ 12/05/2017

City Acupuncture workshops promotes interdisciplinary and participatory collaboration in solving some bigger issues through small interventions. This workshop under the mentorship of Kristina Careva, PhD MArch of  brought together two students an artist - Saoirse Walsh and an architect - Neva Baričić that jointly gave a possible answer to workshop task. They entitled their proposal "Hidden - in sight".

“Hidden – in sight” presents a lot of the potential spaces to exhibit/perform art in Teslina street plus it proposes a kind of street game of finding “art spots”. It is suggested that each artist, per their own affinity, chooses a place where he or she will exhibit his or her art work or hold a workshop for a certain period (may take several hours to several weeks or even longer). However, after the active physical presence in the chosen space, a permanent trace (e.g. QR code) would be left to access information about the art and artist (either what was presented in Teslina street, some new work, or info about the author). The network of traces that point to the “art spots” in Teslina street is invisible during the day thus not trying to compete with the already congested character of this street. But in the evening, when the street is quieter and more settle, they become visible "art spots" marked with neon colours. Those “art spots” are part of the ongoing map open for participation of various artists presenting various art forms.


The methods that were used at this workshop were developed within the City Acupuncture initiative and consist of three phases:

1. Divergence / Analysis _ 25th and 26th of April 2017 _ the participants were getting familiar with the site and the task through mentored discussions, site visits, talks with people working in the street, making sketches and taking photographs of the Teslina street;

2. Convergence / Synthesis _ 27th and 28th of April 2017 _ presentation of basic strategy and concepts in front of the guest critics and mentor, followed by work on actual proposal;

3. Final output _ 28th of April 2017 _ presentation and discussion.



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