Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


During the analysis process of Badel block, we came to interesting informations about their past and developement. Whole their history is inspirational story,which is waiting to be valuated. Existing buildings, make the image of one undefined structure,which creates an ambient of disharmony. New urban actions on this location are expected to form simple structure,logically positioned. Following this high demands,we created urban concept of the block. The main structure frames the block,starting from the Residential building in Šubićeva St,to a new Residential building in Derenčinova St. The form of the building is inspired by simple shapes,that are ritmically repeated all over existing structures: Umbrellas on the nearby square,windows on the old facades. The idea is to create the module wich should be ritmically repeated. This aestetical concept symbolises diversity and individuality. The facade of Gorica factory building is kept,and integrated in new structure,which accentuate the old,historically important facade. With their cascades roof is provided for attractive green gardens. Main structure has multiple passages. The biggest passage has a strong visual effect,which accented Yeast production factory building,which is provided for museum. Another passage makes a connection to the linear park. Except vegetation,this park also has an important hystorical point – old facade,which is a part of musee au plain air. The most important passage is located in Šubićeva Street. The view trough this passage accents an interesting urban structure,formed in the inner space of the block. It’s an open space in the shape of comfortable stairs,provided for casual seating and observing. Below this structures,public spaces with commercial character are located. The storey bellow ground is planned to connect this space with the Museum,and the space is provided for cinemas,shopping malls, multimedial spaces. There are two traffic accesses to the three underground storeys below the structures which are provided for parking. Inner space of the block is provided for pedestrian traffic only.

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