Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Garcia, Jose, Autor
Garcia Montano, Jose, Izrada makete


As the peripheral moment is broken, Zagreb stops being the outskirt of Europe and it suddenly becomes the centre. As the piece that links East and West, North and South, Croatia regains the importance that it once had. Taking advantage of the fact that the axis of European power is shifting from Western to Central Europe, Zagreb becomes a key piece in the new Europe.
EuroBadel is the centre of the new centre, it represents the European future of Zagreb and the rest of Croatia. EuroBadel represents the ideals and enthusiasm of an emerging nation that is eager to be once again the commercial epicentre that it once was. EuroBadel is a magnate for business, leisure, culture and tourism. EuroBadel is the new Croatia.
Croatia is now at the center, Zagreb must take advantage of the new geographical position. Croatia is in need of new blood, as the population shrinks, the survival of the country depends on making it more attractive to tourists, immigrants and investors. EuroBadel will help bring to Croatia the human and economic capital that it needs in order to secure its future.
Immigration keeps Zagreb alive. The country of Croatia is expected to join the European Union soon. Zagreb must take advantage of the situation and create an environment that attracts both immigrants and tourists alike. The flow of new capital and new people is essential for Croatia’s survival. The country is still inexpensive compared to older EU states, Europeans seeking a place where their euros (or pounds) will come. EuroBadel will be a new economic pillar of Zagreb. EuroBadel is tourism, and shopping, EuroBadel is what Croatia is, was, and will be. Eurobadel is the infrastructure of a new european capital. EuroBadel is the symbol of the new Europe, EuroBadel is a new symbol for Croatia.

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