Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Kuvač, Igor, Autor
Balta, Dusica, Izrada vizualizacije
Pašalić, Gorana, Izrada makete


The created concept is based on the analysis of basic physical and non-physical elements of the underlying space includes, that occupied authors interests. In such manner, the concept is in the relation between “city-block-city” connections in the context of identity and influence, as well as a network of open and closed, full and empty spaces.

There is semantics in a phrase block in the city, looking Badel Zagreb in urban matrix, which converts through those two meanings and changes in the phrase city in the block. The concept is actually a variable basis, with a solid frame that is defined by a number of constants and rules of design, and provides great flexibility, modularity, high creative freedom of design, implementation of construction through phases, offers a wide range of different spatial features, smaller scale investment etc.

Block was treated as an open space inspired by the modern architecture, and industrial complexes of 20th century, with two ground floor levels, which indicate the need, tradition and culture of using public space in Zagreb. In addition to platform - double square, the city - the block is determined by physical structure of existing and heritage buildings and the personification of the blocks fence that holds assembly together. The protected areas of Badel complex are the backbone of the new block structure around them, and with the arts and culture content, it is a central meeting point. These objects of culture, represent central public space with a defined inner square around which life happens.

At the position of the north-west entrance into the immediate urban area of Lower Town, with specific urban morphology, Badel block Zagreb is a unique completed urban-architectural structure, which through contemporary interpretation of the urban matrix, gives an answer to the question about identity of space, giving it a whole new dimension. With its modular, flexible and conceptual setting and elements of the spatial relationships, defines economically, socially and environmentally sustainable city block with a very specific identity.

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