Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Armano Linta, Veljko, Autor
Armano, Ana, Izrada vizualizacije


Revitalising the Badel Block with the new Badel International Artist-In-Residence Centre as the key element of synergy:

This concept proposes a multifunctional structure to complete the Block and semi-encircle its public interior space. It runs along the perimeter of the site in the form of a linear block whose first four storeys allow pedestrians to see and pass through in many places. “Boxes” with artist ateliers, retail shops and cafes/restaurants are inserted into this space, between piers which carry the weight of the upper storeys. The outer zone of the upper storeys hosts offices and a hostel, while the inner zone contains rental apartments (1 and 3-room). Rooftops contain solar panels, parks and sports grounds.

The binding element for various uses within the Badel Block is the proposed Badel International Artist-In-Residence Centre, i.e. BADEL IN AIR. It will host domestic and foreign artists for limited periods of time and provide them with 27 ateliers for visual, multimedia and performance arts. The artists will simultaneously be residents, performers, exhibitors, craftspersons, designers, partners, clients and educators. The Centre will include performance halls in the reconstructed Yeast Factory and two new structures running behind the renovated Gorica-Factory and Northern-Entrance walls (including class/rehearsal rooms, an info/web centre and a gallery).

Public open spaces within the Block revolve around the prominent Yeast-Factory building and include a park, an open-air stage, space for cafe-terraces, and spaces for socialising, exhibitions and performances.

Predani prilozi
Prezentacijski plakat
Projektna knjižica
Status projekta Natječaj
Godina projektiranja 2012
Površina 0 m2


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