Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


As a ‘final’ endeavor in this set of sequences (some intentional) intending to suggest formal relations in the lower town, the act of imposing a part of the edge is an intermediate step, presenting at the same time a point of departure for future actions. In a chronological sense, the site has undertaken a number of programmatic and, consequentially, spatial transformations. Finally, the residue of these typologies remains as an archeology: these transparent strata of development manifest as a structure upon which it is to be operated.

The proposal aims to rethink the position of Badel block in Zagreb cityscape, regarding it as an open field instead of a hermetic structure. As an answer to its relation with the surrounding tissue, the block itself is cleared from all the sediments of debris and treated as urban topography. The identity of Badel is preserved by emphasizing position of the former yeast production factory building on a vast plateau framed by a freestanding preserved distillery façade underlining the scenery.

Above the blank landscape of the square, the plateau is translated vertically, appearing as a stranded form containing the enclosed programmatic wholes. The entire structure stands over Zagreb establishing a mutual dialogue: its diffused shadow meets the blurred and distorted image of the cityscape projected upon its glazed façade. The trusses that support the prism frame what lies beyond their woven silhouette.

Inside the building mass, a programmatic void is formed, leaving a structured hole with a podium on the bottom. It is a point where the building disappears as a solid and is reduced to its contours. Below the void, elongated swimming pools are hanging over Zagreb with tracks running through the steel structure, overlooking the city.

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