Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Fernández, Diego, Autor
Canullo, Daniel, Izrada vizualizacije


Zagreb is a recognized city by its cultural imprint, its architectonic legacy and its rich social life. It is a focus point that will have to be reinforced in these aspects and also updated to the new necessities and problems of the new millennium; necessities like global warming, generation and distribution of food, macroeconomic studies on world-wide scale and development of new political solutions to the new problematic. With the idea to promote to Zagreb as a space of discussion to generate new solutions at world-wide level we developed an edificial complex that encompasses several conference halls, lodging of international quality, offices, commerce, culture, residence and green open spaces.
The main scheme integrates major activities with a great public plaza dominated by the Yaest building that has been rehabilitated like cultural center and local meeting point. All the buildings leave public passages between them facilitating the access to culture, which is the organizer and metaphor that binds the complex.
The disposition and expression of the buildings obey to its relationship with the surroundings, existing buildings to preserve, streets and points of tension. Supermodern language for a building of international status is mixed with offices of sober and pure volumes, soon to be diluted with traditional lines in the residential building that merges completely with the already constructed surroundings.

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